BAD HABBITS (N.Y.) – Song for the City ///


Bad Habbits is an electric hiphop artist hailing originally from Cleveland, Ohio and now residing in the NYC area. Growing up, top influences included LL Cool J, Nas, Wu Tang Clan, and O.C. Driven with a passion for East Coast hiphop (and not really that great at anything else), Bad Habbits AKA J Baron started recording his debut album “The Left Field” in 2007, which he released in early 2009.Baron followed it up with the Bad Habbits LP, released in March of 2011. This record featured production by Russell Bradley, Garbs Infinite, and Baron himself. In supporting the record, Baron has performed at the Grisley Pear and The Pyramid Club in NYC, and has performed at The Sputnik venue in Brooklyn, as well as The Meat Locker in Montclair, NJ. Bad Habbits has just released his highly anticipated third full length LP, ACID REFLUX on September 21, 2012. With ACID REFLUX, Baron linked up with veteran Miami (by way of Detroit) producer Sam Da Grouch for One Room Productions to give the record its modern, grimy, raw, yet accessible feel. Additional production includes Thousand Pound Sumo and KO Beats. Mr. Habbits has a punchy rugged delivery and thrives at both braggadocios and more socially conscious hiphop and is a skillful storyteller as well. As a well rounded emcee, Bad Habbits is going to make noise in the upcoming year and would like to invite you to hear his most focused and skillful album yet. “Forces” is an ode to individuality, the desire to be eclectic and stand out, and to question everything to seek what is the closest to the absolute truth. “Primal” featuring Octane deals with the politics of success and unleashes the frustrations of failure and the optimism of a new beginning. “Technology” is a chant-able anthem which displays Baron’s unique sense of style and swagger. “Soldier” is a politically charged anthem that addresses the discrepancies of the people in power with the rest of America and the corruption within the Capitalistic system. “Arm and Hammer” is a straight up hiphop banger, complete with record scratches, vocal samples, and a menacing lyrical performance by Baron to start things off. “Song For The City” is an ode to the big apple, to the art of rhyming, and is also Baron’s debut music video and single from the album. ACID REFLUX truly displays Bad Habbits’ skills on the mic and it is quite evident that his game and talents elevate significantly with every subsequent release. In a musical climate where hiphop is relegated to sing songy, hook driven drivel, Bad Habbits ACID REFLUX stands out as a gem in terms of lyrics, production, and overall presentation.

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