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Wolf wants the world.

Ambition can find itself in the unlikeliest of places, and Wolf’s small town upbringing in Canberra, Australia encapsulates that. The life and excitement of the global hip-hop culture fast became an escape for Wolf, and it gave him the tools and direction to represent himself in all of the contradictions and complexities that modern life has defined.

Taking cues from the entrepreneurial spirit of Jay-Z, the grounded clarity of Kendrick Lamar and the hunger of Talib Kweli, at twenty-one years old, Wolf decided it was time to make his own way from the suburbs to the stage.

“For me, hip-hop is the ultimate form of self-expression. It’s been a way for people to make sense of their own world, to reinvent and re-own. It’s helped me find myself.”

Taken from the mixtape, #genygenius, twentytwelve is the third video single in a four part mini-series to be concluded in February 2013, starring and written by Wolf and directed by Canberran Director/Writer Declan Shrubb, who is also working on Screen ACT’s upcoming film: Dead Exchange.

Wolf’s twentytwelve tells the yearning tale of an ambitious young man from a no-where town. Wolf speaks on a frustrated youth culture, losing his way and then finding inspiration.

#genygenius is Wolf reaching out to his generation and like-minded people over the world.

From Wolf’s own words: “I made this mixtape for Gen Y.

It is the result of all the questions I was asking of myself and you in 2012. #genygenius refers to our generation’s incredible reach, empathy and thirst for knowledge. We share things, ask questions and most importantly: draw our own conclusions about our world. It’s not so easy to pull the wool over our generation’s eyes, because we’ve carved our own niche spaces here. Think about it: you could be reading this from an internet cafe in dusty Laos or from a bodega in New York. It doesn’t matter. What does matter are the steps you took in your life to be able to find this. For me to find you.
You could be anywhere in the world – but you’re here with me. I appreciate that.”

#genygenius (Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD LINK   http://wolfdagenykid.bandcamp.com

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