Synik & Rod McCoy – “Selah” Album 3 Track Preview

Audible Hustle release a three track preview of their new “SELAH” album by Synik & Rod McCoy due out in September 2014.  The tracks are included in the digital pre-order of SELAH. You get 3 tracks now, plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

Price of Success – Price of Success, produced by Virginia native, ManHe is a boom-bap, mid-tempo piece that allows lyricists Synik and Rod McCoy to flaunt their artistic prowess. With no hook involved, the emcees share two verses each in which they explore their journey in the hip hop industry. This audible illustration is in fact an example of the “Price” that these budding artists are prepared to pay. (courtesy of Audible Hustle)

Rolling Stoned – For the modern day hippies and smoking enthusiasts, “Rolling Stoned” will surely serve as a staple within your “420” playlist(s). Smooth and precise lyrics from the southern duo coupled with laid back and tantalizing production sets a Currensy + Big K.R.I.T-esque vibe that’s hard to refrain from. At a time when the south is bringing forth superstars almost monthly, there is a huge lack when it comes to the classic southern sound we’ve all learn to grown to love. (courtesy of Audible Hustle)

Parkin Lot Pimpin – “Going out with the fellas” is a term often heard by women involved in relationships in today’s time, but what goes on behind the scenes of these nights “going out” may not be the most noble in some cases. “Chillin with my girls” may also sound all too familiar as well, but sometimes this results in things getting a little hotter than advertised. Regardless of the excuse, for those that choose to have their cake and eat it too, Synik and Rod McCoy provide an ideal and honest track that’s still catchy enough to make you hit the rewind button. When the last call for alcohol is made, it’s time to put your bid in and find something to end the night with. (courtesy of Audible Hustle)

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