THE KILLBOTS (Los Angeles, CA) – "Mile Away" ft. LOUIS KING ///

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The Killbots is a rap group based out of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. The group consists of three emcee’s–Man E Faces, Juco Law and JayPrhyme–who were all dedicated lyricists in their own right before crossing paths in 2010. After several sessions in the studio together they knew they had something unique to offer as group to the world of Hip-hop. With classic west-coast style beats to the fresh pulse of dubstep or the hard slap of trap, they create a dynamic scope of lyrics unlike any other rap out there. They released their first free/downloadable mixtape one year after forming the group and another in November of 2012, entitled “Aerboes”. However, the mixtape with the most hype surrounding it of course is their latest, “Villain”, which is set to drop sometime in June 2013. With each emcee coming with their own respective approach to every track made, The Killbots are sure to bring tons of new and refreshing energy and material to the world of Hip-Hop, an industry always starving for more talent.

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