Weird Kidd Releases New Single “Adios” Feat. Derrick Branch

Kentucky HipHop artist Weird Kidd teams up with Derrick Branch and producer Kontrak to release an inspiring track called “Adios’. Right off back “Adios” hits you were it counts emotionally with a deep vocal presence by Weird Kidd definitely setting the tone. The Hook Begins with “I can never leave with out saying goodbye to you x2”. These beginning lyrics setting up the subject matter show the pride and conviction within the writers personality.

As the song continues the 1st verse comes in strong with a monotone controlled delivery reminding me of Kendrick Lamar or Andre 3000 approach. This is a recipe for magic nothing but excitement as Weird Kidd shows off his versatility with a range-full presence similar to Sam Smith .

The Production of this track was flawless from the instrumental to the mix and mastering. I can see this playing on the radio with playlist similar to xxxtentacion and Lil Pump etc but still holding its own lane and representing HipHop culture. The producer of this record Kontrak kept it masterful, mixing HipHop drums and jazz elements to emotional tug at your soul. The collaboration between all of these artist was a complete eargasm.

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do, especially when you’re worlds apart literally. Weird Kidd is speaking from the other side of life in an engaging and melodic HipHop record. I was especially impressed with the songwriting considering the topic most people avoid. This alone shows the limits Weird Kidd will go to get his message across. This quality is exceptionally rare in HipHop nowadays where we get substance, Lyrics and Delivery.

I have word from credible sources he plans on releasing an animated music video to match this powerful record! Personally i’m excited to see the Weird Kidd Brand manifest and we at UndergroundHipHop Blog will continue to keep and eye on his artistry. Stay in tune with new music, videos and tours by following @weirdkiddmusic going on

Rating 8/10

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