Deesense - Lions Tigers Bears Clowns EP

Deesense – “Lions Tigers Bears Clowns” EP

Upcoming artist Deesense releases her latest EP titled “Lions Tigers Bears Clowns“.

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Carlos A. Torres-Montiel – “End Of An Era” (Album)

Carlos A. Torres-Montiel releases his new album titled “End of an Era“.

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10griffy - Cereal Box Games (Album)

10griffy – “Cereal Box Games” (Mixtape)

17 year-old underground Hip Hop artist/producer 10griffy drops his sophomore mixtape titled “Cereal Box Games“.

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BadChoice – “Needless To Say” (Album)

Upcoming underground Hip Hop artist BadChoice releases his new album titled “Needless To Say“.

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John Figz x Jay Conseption – “Gorilla Warfare” (Album)

These dudes are ending 2016 strong!  John Figz x Jay Conseption drops their highly anticipated album titled “Gorilla Warfare“.

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The.Wav – “DiASPORA oF SOUND” (Album)

The.Wav drop debut album titled  “DiASPORA oF SOUND“.

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@HustleVision - Life In The Key Of Hustle (Album)

@HustleVision – “Life In The Key Of Hustle” (Album)

@HustleVision drops his latest album titled “Life In The Key Of Hustle“.

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  After almost 2yrs in hibernation, upcoming New Zealand/Australian based Hip Hop artist Winston Anthony returns with his highly anticipated ...

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Darryl Omar – “DMV Steelo The Intro” (Mixtape Review)

Darryl Omar – “DMV Steelo: The Intro” (Mixtape Review)

A brand new MC is hitting the grounds hard and his name is Darryl Omar.  He recently dropped his debut ...

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Ghost Insight – “Love Sent Me” (Album Review)

Ghost Insight – “Love Sent Me” (Album Review)

Here is a surprise album from a rising underground Hip Hop artist who goes by Ghost Insight.  He is back, ...

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DopeDiv – “Office Hours” (Mixtape Review)

This project has to be one of the most refreshing sounds for 2016!  DopeDiv is a rising Detroit Michigan based ...

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Quota - The Final Cut Key to the Lock (Album)

Quota – “The Final: Cut Key to the Lock” (Album Review)

We are reviewing Quota’s latest album titled “The Final Cut: Key To The Lock” exclusively on iTunes.  This 14 track project ...

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mariimomma - "Lyric Album" (Review)

mariimomma – “Lyric Album” (Review)

mariimomma is an upcoming female MC based out of Detroit, Michigan who recently drops a critical album titled “Lyric Album“. ...

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BlaqueStone – “Afronoon” Album (Review)

BlaqueStone – “Afronoon” Album (Review)

Man!! This is some real “Feel Good” music right here!  Rising DC based Hip Hop duo/couple BlaqueStone drops new album titled ...

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Furozh - The Meaning Of​.​.​. Instrumental Album (Review)

Furozh – “The Meaning Of​.​.​.” Instrumental Album (Review)

A few weeks ago we ran into an amazing beat album by Furozh titled “The Meaning Of…“.  When you’re talking ...

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K1NGVAL - Inferno EP (Review)

K1NGVAL – “Inferno” EP (Review)

K1NGVAL drops one of the hottest underground Hip Hop EP’s for 2016.  With his latest release “Inferno“, he has been ...

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