Marcellis – “Summer Cherries” (Album Review)

Chicago’s Marcellis is a new recording artist making waves with his melodic-filled rhymes and hot new tracks. Recently releasing his debut album, creatively titled, “Summer Cherries“, Marcellis jumps off the porch and embarks on the world on his introduction.

On this conceptual project, Marcellis is caught in a summer fling with a beautiful female co-star that he courts throughout the album, using the 14-tracks to seal the deal and show out-of-towner the wonders of Chicago. While the female is looking to love, Marcellis has the underlining intention of one night stand. The story unfold through the verses of ‘Summer Cherries’. A classic Summertime tale that all-ages can relate to.

‘Summer Cherries’ is melody heavy, a trait that is perfect for the vibe in all of Marcellis’ hooks throughout the project, building a groove that you can drive to, dance to, and party too. The production is up-beat and very dance craze.

Marcellis suffers a disconnect when he actually drops entire bars, his metaphors unfortunately sound forced, and don’t keep a similar attention like his melodies. On the track “Grimy”, Marcellis takes time out of his catchy sense of humor and comedic appeal to get street and while we have spent majority of the project with fun and high-energy, the track comes in at the wrong time and disrupts the chemistry. It was a track that could be done without like a bad hookup.

The debut delivers every aspect of a love story from beginning to end, with every bump in the road in between while involving the Chi-town demographic. Marcellis picks back up where he left off like nothing happens as he continues down his rollercoaster Summer fling. Keeping the vibe on a perfect pitch with his impressive vocal abilities and crafty descriptions of telling love stories. It’s a refreshing sound and telling of Chicago that is similar to a love film. ‘Summer Cherries’ is a debut that couples will enjoy together at any occasion.

‘Summer Cherries’ is well-packaged conceptually and the timimg for the release builds a vibe that is undeniable. The complete body of work sync and flows organically. But like the season, the project will fade quickly and with winter cometh, fans will be left awaiting a new Marcellis groove like a crack addict awaiting their next hit. Hopefully Marcellis can be as consistent on his next project as he was on ‘Summer Cherries.’

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Rating: 8/10
Highlights: Concept, Production

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