Q&A With Rising Hip Hop Band Panda City

Wow. Panda City! We really enjoyed your latest EP “Bad Blocks”, we can totally hear the growth since your guys last release “Panda City EP”!! Do you guys feel like your sound has progressed since back in 2016!? Any updates? Tours? Shows? Videos etc???

Clacc – Thanks for listening. Yes, I do feel we have evolved a bit We’re coming into our sound. Back in 2016 we were all over the place. We’re only getting better ! Time together and practice will do that to ya.

Mazz – It was always our goal to be Hip Hop and NOT a crossover band. Having live instruments will always put you in the Rock subgroup but that’s as far as we want it to go. It was only natural that we would lean Rock in the beginning but we are finally getting our style together.

Clacc – We’ve been gigging every chance we get. You know, staying busy. We have new music, content, and shows coming this year so stay tuned.

Lets face it, social media since 2016 has grown tremendously, especially IG!!! Tell us how id the IG grind, and how have you guys been able to keep up with the high demand on social media? Who runs your guys social media accounts?

Clacc – Social media plays a huge role in how we stay in touch with our fans. Instagram is my personal favorite. However, we’re on every social media platform. We run it ourselves. That way when we reply to messages it’s genuine.

Can some please breakdown the new “Bad Blocks” EP? In your guys opinion, what are some standout differences compared to your last release “Panda City EP”…

Clacc – Well, bad blocks EP gets its name from one of the songs on the tape (Dark Side). It sort of just came together. It’s a nod to My childhood in the South Bronx. Those were some good times on some bad blocks.
There are a few differences between this project and the first one. I feel it was just put together a little better. Not to take away from the first one, but we just met each other. This time around we’re a little more comfortable with each other.

Mazz – It was definitely thought out much more. Clacc wanted a very specific vocal sound in mind that was 180 degrees from the first EP. From the instrumental side, on much of it, we really tried to emulate the sounds and patterns found in pure Hip Hop. Evan’s guitar style really helped with that because Prog Metal guitar has a more stacatto and single-note picked feel as opposed to chord progressions found in Rock and Pop. It was easy for him to hit the repititious melodies deep in the back of most Hip Hop especially Trap.

Our favorite track has to be “Sidechick Galore”, give us the backstory on that track right there!?

Clacc – A lot of the songs on the tape hold an element of truth to it. With that being said, if I were to expand on the backstory of the song I might get in deep trouble. “That’s all I gots to say about that.”

Mazz – It was a favorite of ours for a while. It has been the live set opener for the past year. The hallmark of a good song, in my opinion, is if it sounds just as good played in a different manner, and we play it in our unplugged live sets with a more flowery chord progression. It takes the slight mystery feel in the beginning and transforms it into an expression of love despite what the lyrics actually say.

We noticed your guys new releases are on spotify!! To be honest, back in 2016, spotify was not poppin at all, it was all about soundcloud!!…Give us your guys opinion on how spotify has now become the go to for music today!

Clacc – Spotify is Dope! What a difference a year makes. We’ve seen a lot of success on Spotify so we hope it continues to grow. It’s super cool to see a small brand/company rise in the ranks. We’re up next.

Mazz – Spotify is definitely where it’s at now. They also make it easy to promote the links and we have seen success pushing it on social media. UGHHBLOG needs to make a playlist…

How do you guys feel about the whole XAN & LEAN trend these kids nowadays are on!!!..LOL???

Clacc – Drugs are never a good thing. Xanax is just the newest trend. However, kids getting their hands on drugs have been happening forever. As artist we have to be careful with what message we’re spreading to our listeners. Bottom line.

Mazz – We definitely have to walk a thin line. Art does indeed imitate life but it is also reciprocated. I’ve had very close family members who had issues with those very substances, but would I blame it on a song? Never. We don’t believe in sugar-coating or hiding from issues or opinions. The world is becoming too sanitary and just like overuse of sanitizer, you destroy the good germs with the bad. So mentioning an issue like that is sometimes necessary, but glorifying it is another issue.

What do you guys got cooking next? Any special for the new year 2018!!??

Clacc – Well, I don’t want to get choke slammed by one of my bandmates so I won’t say too much. What I can say is we’re working harder than ever. We have some good music coming to anyone willing to listen.
Mazz – I think you’ll hear a drastically expanded sound for sure. We’ve taken the basic 4 piece band pretty far and it’s time to look forward. I can say for sure we’re moving deeper into a Hip Hop sound than already achieved. Physically altering our instruments to get there is as far as I’ll take it for now…

To be honest guys, we rarely come across such quality Hip Hop crossover Rock bands. Hope you guys are aware that Panda City is truly unique, especially for the underground Hip Hop community! How do you guys feel about that?

Clacc – Those are some very kind words. Our goal is to make high quality music at all times. We are our biggest critiques so it’s always good to hear listeners enjoy our music. We’ll continue to make good stuff if you guys promise to tune in lol.

Mazz – Thanks so much. We strive to express ourselves as honestly as possible while making it palatable. For you to say that is an honor for sure.

Tell us one more time, where can we find your music? Drop all link!!


Any new shout outs?

Gotta hit our man Dyce who dropped some stellar verses on two of our songs, Under the Influence being on the album. Another which could be completed soon… We recently started working with Steev Riccardo at Twisted Rico Management, so check out his blogs for the latest on PC and spring tour dates.

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