“6 Piece” is the Best of Nvy Jonez LKR & D-Rell’s Ongoing ”Chicken Spot” Series (EP Review)

This is the 4th collaborative EP between New York emcees Nvy Jonez LKR & D-Rell. The later coming straight out of Harlem & the other hauling from Brooklyn. The pair started working together a couple years ago during the pandemic by kicking off a series of EPs called The Chicken Spot & releasing the first 3 installments all that summer. But after 2 years, they’re returning for a 6 Piece.

“4 KILLAZ” is a boom bap-tinged opener with RTPBoat joining Nvy & D-Rell to talk about their gangsta mentalities whereas “I.D.F.W. (I Don’t Fuck With)” with Mugga Wall shoots for a grimmer aesthetic confessing they don’t associate with people who associate themselves with people they dislike. “Street Politics 2” is a stellar yet raw sequel to the joint on 2 Piece & a Biscuit getting to the nitty gritty while the song “By Any Means” talking about doing it for their legacies over a cold instrumental. The penultimate track “G.D.2.D. (Good Day 2 Die)” incorporates some dusty drums & pianos quenching for blood & “Survive” is a triumphant closer talking about the real lasting in the end.

Although it’s almost been 2 years since the last time these guys have put out an EP with each other, 6 Piece is definitely my favorite of The Chicken Spot series thus far & I think it’s a good place to start for those who’re new to their catalogues. The chemistry from both MCs is still going strong than it was back in 2020 & the production impressively blends elements of today’s sounds with the culture’s gritty roots.

Score: 7/10

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