Bernard Kyng & Andre Hando – “The Ghost and the Darkness” (Album)

Rising Hip Hop artists Bernard Kyng & Andre Hando release their new album titled “The Ghost and the Darkness“.

Two lions ravage a small village fighting for their way of life as human greed encroaches upon their existence. When commercialism encroaches upon genuine artistic expression, the result is “The Ghost and the Darkness,” a refreshing seven song LP by Bernard Kyng and Andre Hando who feel placed in a similar situation to those Tsavo lions featured in the 1996 film with the same name. These independent artists and their distinct journeys merge together in this collaborative project to display what hip hop was, is, and can be. The evolution of the craft, not just the monetization of the sound. This album is sure to capture attention with its witty wordplay and genre defining qualities. As great as they are in the studio, the pair is even better on a live stage. Be on the look out for “The Planet Love Tour,” which will accompany the album release.

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