Bernard Kyng & Andre Hando – “The Ghost and the Darkness” (Album Review)

Bernard Kyng and Andre Hando make a great pair, but how good is their product?

The Ghost and the Darkness” album is incredibly interesting. It’s not perfect by any means, but it most certainly delivers on its promises of lyricism and era nostalgia. In just seven songs, the duo brings the listener through 2010, early 2000’s, and a little bit of late 90’s. That’s a very unique approach to making a project of any decent length.

Some of the lyrics in the project aren’t as interesting as others. In fact, I feel the whole song, “Life’s a Beach,” could have easily been left out or replaced to improve the overall quality of the album, partially due to the vocals, or at least the mixing of said vocals. It’s just very uninspired, and contributes little to the listeners experience. However, there are some stellar examples of good lyricism in just about each other song if you’re paying attention.

The instrumentals were all decent or better. If there is one thing that I can’t call lackluster, it’s the production. The last couple songs on the album really capture the eras they attempt to represent because of their respective instrumentals.

Although “The Ghost and the Darkness” isn’t my favorite project this year, I definitely believe that both Bernard Kyng and Andre Hando are worth a listen. Keep an eye on these guys, I think “The Ghost and the Darkness” is just a taste of their potential.

Rating: 6/10

Highlights: Production, Flow, Lyricism

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Bernard Kyng- Twitter, IG

Andre Hando- Twitter, IG

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