Controller 7 – “Scraps: Outtakes, Demos, Ideas 2000-2014” (Album)

Controller 7 previously of Anticon brings us a compilation of tracks that were dormant on his hard drive ready to die but brought back to life via an hour plus mix of melodic samples and knockin’ drum beats. This is a precursor to his upcoming album Right Handed Straw, the sequel to the classic “Left Handed Straw.”

As I was trying to finish up Right Handed Straw, I had a bunch of stuff that didn’t make the cut or had been sitting on my computer forever. Some are finished beats that people rapped on, some are just ideas, some are things that just didn’t really work out. Instead of just leaving them all on the computer to die, I threw them all together in this mix. Its a little over an hour of hits and misses.

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