Da Beatminerz’ 3rd Album & First in Almost 20 Years “Stifled Creativity” Sticks to Their Signature Sound (Album Review)

Da Beatminerz are a production duo from Brooklyn, New York consisting of brothers Mr. Walt & DJ Evil Dee. Widely recognizable for their affiliation with the Boot Camp Clik during the 90s, they managed to put out a full-length debut of their own Brace 4 Impak through Rawkus Records at the end of July 2001 & subsequently the April 2005 sophomore effort Fully Loaded w/ Statik. Nearly 2 decades later, the Dewgardes are reuniting to sign a deal with Soulspazm Records & releasing their 3rd LP after a string of singles building up anticipation for it previewing an intriguing list of guests.

After the “Live from Bushwick General Hospital” intro, the first song “Seckle” by KRS-One was the best single that I’ve heard from the Blastmaster in recent memory reminding the game that he don’t fight fair over a dusty boom bap instrumental whereas “Product” by Ruste Juxx eerily reminding y’all that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. “Back in Style” by Ras Kass gives off that funky west coast energy in lieu of the waterproof MC himself making it clear Da Beatminerz are back at it again, but then “Champion” by Mickey Factz gets back on the east coast tip excelling in hopes of seizing the moment for clientele.

“Martial Law” by Apathy rawly declares that your whole block will get popped since he’s firing missiles over a piano-driven boom bap beat just before “Fear None” by Da Villins adds kicks & snares on top of a gospel sample advising to learn early so you don’t have to fear shit. “It’s All 4 U” by Halley Hiatt & Al Skratch fuses boom bap & R&B tackling themes of romance just before the passionate “Can’t Live Without It by Marquee & Monifah prior to another “Live from Bushwick General Hospital” skit showcasing their musical inclination rapping AND singing.

Black Moon gets together on “Anti” taking back to basics since maybe it’s been too long since their outstanding comeback album Rise of da Moon even though that was almost 5 years ago while “The Birds” by Bishop Lamont jumps on top of more kicks & snares showing off crazier flows. “Adore [H.E.R.]” by Keith Murray hypnotically picks up from there calling women the most beautifullest thing in God’s creation while “Where You From?” by Loaf Muzik for a decent hardcore anthem about being dressed to kill.

“B-Ville Pioneers” by Lil’ Fame & Steele unites 1/2 of both M.O.P. & Smif N Wessun to represent the Hell outta Brownsville while “Cheeba” by Camp Lo & Stahrr moves on from there with a chilled out theme for the smoker’s that is until “It’s All 4 U” remix swaps out Al Skratch’s verse in favor of a new one from AZ, outdoing the original. “100 Proof” by Ras Kass gets on some jazzy boom bap shit personifying alcohol & after a final “Live from Bushwick General Hospital” skit, “My Year” by De La SoulPharoahe Monch & Rasheed Chappell ends the album with everyone talking about the streets 1 last time.

Turns out Walt & Evil Dee have been working on Stifled Creativity for 15 years now in the midst of doing other things like DJing all over the world, it’s just that they were inching their way up to this point especially after the last Black Moon album. Now that we’re finally here, the duo are returning having a better grasp on reality when it comes to down to certain things & it makes a welcoming comeback. They both stick to their signature sound being the Boom Bap Ambassadors they are relying more on samples than Fully Loaded w/ Statik & a mostly solid guest-list.

Score: 8/10

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