Truth Shows Lyrical Evolution on First Solo EP “Nostalgia ThEraPy” Prod. by Da Beatminerz (EP Review)

Truth teams up yet again with Da Beatminerz for his solo debut EP, Nostalgia ThEraPy. The Queens-based emcee began to build his discography or himself with From Ashes to Kingdom Come. He then followed it up 3 years later by dropping the sophomore effort The Fight for Survival as well as For All Intents & Purposes. The latter of which was also produced by Da Beatminerz fully & was not only my personal introduction to Truth’s music, but one that I found myself enjoying more than his previous work too. So with that in mind, I was sure I was gong to enjoy Nostalgia ThEraPy as much if not more than that previous LP.

“Truth Is” really sets the tone of what‘s to come by laying battle bars down over dusty boom bap production whereas “Lock & Load” works in an eerie loop with kicks & snares aiming for the kill. “Spit It” featuring Al Skratch & Kurious finds the trio over a bloodcurdling boom bap beat encouraging to speak your thoughts just before “Here & Now” brings in the horns boasting that he’ll tear down any stage anywhere.

To start the 2nd leg of the EP, “Da Beatminerz Sound” has to be my personal favorite track off the whole thing as Truth reminds that him matched with Mr. Walt & DJ Evil D is a deadly combo on top of this raw ass instrumental that they’re known for prior to “Won By One’s Will” taking the symphonic route telling y’all to kneel down to the pharaoh. “Queens Carnivores” featuring Royal Flush begins the encore with this bluesy sample repping their stomping grounds & “Calling” ties everything up with a soulful flip by getting busy.

Even as a 9-song EP—intended to be a 7-track EP with two bonus tracks— running at 27 minutes & only 3 features, Da Beatminerz continue to bring the best out of Truth because this is another pretty impressive body of work from them. It’s like a warm dish of hip hop comfort food that just so happens to incorporate some new herbs & spices courtesy of the chefs involved, all by design as Truth continues to evolve lyrically over the traditional east coast boom bap sound.

Score: 8/10

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