Day Parkay – “Achieving While Bleeding” (Album Review)

It has been an amazing year for Hip Hop to be honest, especially with the emergence of new artists breaking through the underground and making noise above ground!  Recently, I was blessed to come across a new artist that goes by Day Parkay and his new album “Achieving While Bleeding“, a amazing album consisting of 15 full-length tracks full or raw awakening Hip Hop music!  His voice, style and cadence is extremely powerful, lyrically razor sharp in all his tracks, and he clearly brings back the real organic East-Coast Hip Hop feel!  Best way I can describe his music, it’s like a mix of Mobb Deep, The Lox, Dave East & Nipsey all in one!  Yet he is truly incomparable to anyone I have come across, he is truly 100% ORIGINAL.

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Right of the top track #1 “Blood Off The Beat”, flexes over a heavenly beat as he vocally displays a raw story regarding his ongoing situations/struggles and letting everyone know he is the best in his city!  The joint that I have been bumping all week is “Broken Wings”, super dope track with a sick story regarding thriving for success and all the good things in life, yet describing struggles all us hustlers can relate with!  Honestly this track has to be one of the dopest tracks I came across all year!  Some other notable tracks are “Did It All”, “Life On The Edge” and “Still Blood On The Street”.  Not to sure on who produced this project, but man…, this album BANGS from beginning to end with Top-Quality beats and the mixing is incredible!

Honestly, haven’t been so motivated like this in awhile, this album is really inspirational and the title “Achieving While Bleeding” matches it to the t…  I really wish this project had more of a diverse uplifting feeling, but I can’t knock it, sometimes we all need a kind project like this, a real eye-awakening message, that the struggle is real, but you can achieve anything no matter what obstacles come!  Most importantly, this is an extremely memorable album, I already followed him on spotify and I’m really looking forward to his new projects ASAP!  Makes sure to follow him on IG today @truedonz!

RATING: 8/10 

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