HeiR – “2Pac’s HeiR” (Mixtape Review)

For any artist, of any stature, anytime you emulate an iconic figure in any career, be prepared to be critiqued at the highest regards due to the undying love and affection fans have for the unforgettable. Oakland recording artist HeiR will be just as held accountable like everyone else on this project as sparks attention with the title, 2Pac’s HeiR. Many false prophets have tried to make the general public believe they are the next Tupac over the years and all have failed miserably. Will HeiR be an exception or fall to the waste side like every other imposter?

2Pac’s HeiR is an 8-track capsule project that by the rising Bay Area recording artist paying homage to fellow Bay Area 2Pac on all of his production. Radical, Thug, Poet, Visionary, Tupac is remembered for many different personalities, it’s always been difficult for fans to identify which side of the “Get Around” hitmaker they adore the most. HeiR looks to embody the same presence with the start of his globe-trotting career with this debut release.

Stream HeiR’s new mixtape, 2Pac HeiR below, courtesy of Datpiff:

Lyrically, HeiR executes an attention-grabbing resemblance of the late-icon via mimicking sound; however, matching the iconic’s lyrical prowess is quickly realized that HeiR doesn’t obtain. Finding it hard to stay the course of the track with work-in-progress offbeat wordplay. HeiR may be one of Tupac’s children but like most children, HeiR falls short emulating the greatness with rapping brainstorm of words but lacks the value in getting his point across on every track.

The project’s production is simply sampled productions from the iconic’s catalog of hits. Untouched and still impactful but known that HeiR just downloaded instrumental like any other rapper. Was hoping to get a few tricks, remixes, or rearranged mentions on the production side but really who messes with a classic right. A safe selection of beats as all are 2Pac’s biggest outputs; however, would have been interesting to see HeiR not only take the safe bet but gamble of more in-depth productions by the Bay Area-native. It would be interesting to hear HeiR tackle something from Pac’s Digital Underground sessions.

Starting off entertaining with the aggressive attitude, speedy delivery, and deep tone but the amusement quickly fades by the end of the mixtape with HeiR being unable to keep the momentum entire project. Confident and at times too cocky, HeiR gets lost in the sauce mid-way through the mixtape and at that point loses our interest, coming off more like a gimmick than a trailblazer. His execution lacks originality at best. Understand that it is easy for any artist to grab productions from their favorite artist and re-enact them with a talent show-esque performance for some quick attention. For HeiR, if you are eager to pursue a career in Hip-Hop then understand we love to be inspired by the icons but hate when people are actors with this craft and simply play an icon.

Show us what you got.

Rating: 7/10

Highlight: Production

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