Kyle Bent – “Lastyear vol.1: Chevies & Chakras” (Mixtape)

Kyle Bent Lastyear vol.1 Chevies & Chakras (FULL MIXTAPE)

Kyle Bent is a music artist from the city of Boston, Massachusetts who is currently releasing his fifth music project, titled “Lastyear vol.1: Chevies & Chakras”. The mixtape is the first installation of a two-part compilation series titled “Last year”, in which Kyle touches upon topics related to the conflicting interest of material attachments and the desire for spiritual progression. The title “Last year” carries two seperate meanings, the first being, every track within the particular compilation was literally recorded last year, between 2013 and 2014. Secondly, the title is a subtle reference for the fact that 2015 is Kyle Bent’s “last year” of high school, which is significant considering he essentially constructed his entire music career in the short 4-year high school period. Executively produced by Tarik McFarland and hosted by DJ Mr.PeterParker, “Chevies & Chakras” Showcases an increased caliber of lyricism, creativity and depths that Kyle Bent has yet to display in any other previously released project.

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