Mob Dylan Duo Blend Hip-Hop With Electronic Elements In Debut EP “Bare Witness”

Bare Witness” is the debut EP from Mob Dylan. The project is comprised of the duo of Jon von Letscher (emcee) and Franz Novotny (production/melodic vocals) who blend Hip-Hop with electronic elements and a high-energy rock delivery.

Both artists are based in Sweden currently (though Jon was born and raised in Austin, Texas) and quite busy with a myriad of other projects. Speaking on the formation of Mob Dylan, Jon recalls “We have been collaborating for years and always kinda tried rap stuff here and there. We made “Lions in the Downtown” one day and it was like “ohh sh*t we should make another one!” It just spiraled for a bit after that. We would meet once or twice a week and within 10-12 studio sessions we had the EP done.”

As far as musical direction Jon says “We just wanna make sh*t that bangs primarily. Also we try to create a red thread between everything with theme and mood.”

In addition to this project Jon is also readying a February release for his rock and electronic based project The Jon Johns. Also see his other artist aliases Honey Claws and Mouthe for Hip-Hop and Jet Horns for Electronic themed music. Franz Novotny is working on his cutting-edge solo project “Francis Novotny”.

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