MURS & 9th Wonder – “The Iliad is Dead and The Odyssey is Over” (Album Review)

MURS & 9th Wonder are an underground super-duo consisting of former Little Brother producer 9th Wonder & former Living Legends wordsmith MURS. The pair made their debut in 2004 with the Definitive Jux backed MURS 3:16: The 9th Edition & followed it up in 2006 with Murray’s Revenge. They continued to show how strong their chemistry was on Sweet Lord, Fornever & were supposed to disband after The Final Adventure in 2012. They eventually reformed in on New Year’s Eve 2015 with Brighter Daze & with the 15 year anniversary of their debut this past March, they’re celebrating with their 7th & supposedly final full-length album.

The album kicks off with “The Hulk”, where MURS reaffirms his rapping prowess over a boom bap beat with a funky bass-line. The next song “Cancun ‘08” with Pookie Blow & $ilk Money sees the 3 recalling a party they went to over a jazzy boom bap beat while the track “My Hero” tells the story of a woman named Alexis over a somberly jazzy beat.

The song “Ga$ Station Gucci Belt” talks about the street life over a venomous beat while the track “Unicorn Glitter” insightfully talks about pussy over a boom bap beat with an acoustic guitar. The song “High Noon” with Rapsody sees the 2 going back & forth nonchalantly about grinding over a mellow instrumental from 9th Wonder’s 15 year old daughter JDEAFBEATS while the song “Night Shift” talks about his live performances over some prominent piano chords.

The song “Give Me a Reason” tries to apologize to an ex over an atmospheric boom bap beat while the track “Super Cojo Bros.” with GQ sees the 2 talking about going at their enemies over an instrumental with some amazing retro video game samples. The song “Fuck Them” tries to console a woman who gets constantly cheated on over a soulful beat while the track “Tony Robbins Pocketbook” talks about searching for God over some strings. The album then finishes with “SIN”, where MURS vividly details relationship drama over a boom bap beat with a beautiful soul sample.

If this truly is the last time we’ll ever hear these 2 in a full-length capacity, then they went out on a high note. The features were mostly ok, but MURS’ storytelling remains on point with 9th Wonder providing a fantastic musical backdrop.

Score: 8/10

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