Orb Nox – “I Love My City” (Single Review)

Created a pattern with stellar performances on previous works, Los Angeles-native Orb Nox is ready to transform into a music sensation. Building credibility, Orb Nox releases his third project predicted to be his best work yet. Campaigning the new project, Orb unveils a sight-seeing exploration for the album cut, “I Love My City”.

Identified as one of the next big artists to come out of Los Angeles. In the video, Orb touches on unordinary topics like the paranormal, conspiracies theories, and spiritual psychedelic subject matter. While the world continues to turn obliviously depicted through public perception.

Watch “I Love My City” by Orb Nox below.

A hypnotizing production, the single’s sound amplifies the visual essence. Going hand-and-hand with the visual, “I Love My City” production is arranged seamlessly with repetitive drums, sound effects, and simple mystery. While simple, the style of the production speaks over Orb Nox knowledgable lyricism harmlessly. Soft, the production dilutes the severity of Orb’s progressive message.

Allowing his voice to be his weapon, Orb Nox targets the system with impeccable aim but fails to make an impact due to his softer tone. Lacking impact, Orb Nox delivers thought-provoking subject matter; however, the message of equality falls on deaf ears due to the video elegant surroundings. An easy fix with the right engineer, Orb’s tone can present an astonishing new talent with street smarts and social awareness.

Speaking volumes through historic landmarks, “I Love My City” is a proud and prideful visual attraction. Comforting, vivid, smooth, the music video is blissful with simply the production and visual overall. Pleasantly shot, “I Love My City” premise is executed flawlessly among the two locations, overshadowing Orb Nox presence entirely. A real pleasure to watch.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Cinematography

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