Rittz – “Picture Perfect” (Album Review)

This is the 6th full-length album from Georgia emcee Rittz. Rising to prominence in 2011 with his White Jesus mixtape, the acclaim of that 1 single project led to him signing to Strange Music & releasing a total of 4 albums on there with each one showing his growth both musically & personally: The Life & Times of Jonny ValiantNext to NothingTop of the Line & Last Call. Rittz would go on to form his own label CNT Records & dropped his first album on there Put a Crown On It last year on Black Friday but now, he’s already back with Picture Perfect.

The opener “Picture This” sets the tone for the whole thing as Rittz comes through with a lengthy diatribe backed by a 2000’s Dr. Dre-type beat whereas the next song “‘Till the End” talks about his legacy over a trap beat with some funereal piano chords. The song “Ain’t I” talks about being the truth over a trap instrumental that almost has a Three 6 Mafia feel to it while the title track with Tech N9ne sees the 2 in their shit-talking bag over a rap rock beat.

“Jesus Blanco” could very well be one of Rittz’ worst songs yet as he & Nawf6od rap about nothing over a comatose instrumental, but “Fucked Up Day” is his own, mediocre rendition of Keith Murray‘s “Bad Day”. The song “Geek Monster” gets romantic as such over a moody beat & a cringey ass hook while the track “Hell & Back” with Doobie finds both of them discussing their trials & tribulations over a guitar, organ, whistles & some hi-hats.

The song “Friend Zone” is another love tune that’s just as tedious as “Geek Monster” while the track “Positive Vibe” with Twisted Insane sees the 2 talking about coming from the slums over a cavernous beat. The song “Pain Killers & Paint Colors” with Chris Webby talking about money over a slick instrumental while the penultimate track “Bring Me Down” with Merkules & Snak the Ripper sees the 3 downplaying any negativity over a grimy C-Lance beat. The album ends with “Saved My Life”, where Rittz talks about how music has helped him over a mellow instrumental.

Yeah, I’m pretty indifferent towards this new album at the end of the day. Rittz has definitely become one of my favorite southern spitters in recent memory, but I could’ve done without a couple of the features & the production choices for the most part are pretty weak in comparison to his previous efforts.

Score: 5/10

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