Skribbal Reps Horrorcore Roots With New Project “In Their Blood…& from the Gutter” (EP Review)

Skribbal is a 30 year old MC from Los Angeles, California who came up in 2016 off the strength of his full-length debut Drug Spun Funk. This would catch the attention of the rising Wisconsin underground label Force 5 Records & they would put out his sophomore effort Skinwalker a couple years later. But once Skribbal dropped his debut EP Quarantine Sessions a month after the pandemic started, he would leave the label to form his own Sony Music imprint Hell Patrol Records & celebrated this newfound independence by dropping his 3rd album Black Eyed Children last spring distancing himself from horrorcore in favor of a more hardcore hip hop style. However in light of his born day coming & going last month though, he’s keeping things rolling with his 2nd EP.

“Holocaust Winds” kicks the whole thing off with a portentous instrumental talking about how no one can hold him back whereas the grimy “Tim Allen Coke” with Lord Goat finds the 2 clapping back at everyone. “Master of the Moon” gets in his wicked shit bag with an occult boom bap beat while the penultimate song “The Black Sleep” goes into trap territory working in an infectious vocal sample talking about living in between 2 worlds. The title track then enlists Praiseone taking a dustier route in terms of sound declaring themselves as soul reapers.

If this dude has something bigger coming down the pipe later on in the year, then I think In Their Blood…& from the Gutter serves as a solid appetizer for the main course. It picks up right where the last album left off continuing to embrace a more traditional hardcore hip hop style except he’s throwing his horrorcore roots back into the mix.

Score: 7/10

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