Skribbal – “Skinwalker” (Album Review)

Skribbal is a horrorcore emcee from Selma, Oregon whom I discovered in 2016 when he dropped his incredibly solid debut album Drunk Spun Funk. And after signing to the Wisconsin-based Force 5 Records, he’s coming back with his sophomore album.

The album begins with “Warlord X”, where he gets confrontational over a bass-heavy with an amazing scratch-hook instrumental. The title track contains many clever references to alien life over an eerie beat while the song “All Hail” is filled with angry battles bars over an abrasive trap beat. The track “Glock Talk Back” with Jaysin the Sin God sees the 2 getting murderous over an instrumental with some prominent bass & plinky keys while the song “Fatal” is about how dangerous he is over an ominous beat. The track “Knock Ya Teeth In” with Chucky Chuck pretty much speaks for itself over a string-induced boom bap beat while the song “Hang ‘Em High” with The DRP & Saint Dog is about how ill they are over a beat with some gloomy piano chords

The track “In the Dark” talks about internal conflict & the trap beat on here suits the message perfectly. The song “Blame It on Me” is about how sick he is over an eerie beat while the track “Bruce Campbell” with Mars gets back on the murder tip over a horn-boom bap beat while the final song “Don’t Doubt Me” is about finding his place in hip hop over a gritty boom bap beat. The last track is a remix to “Fatal”. The lyrics are the same, but the instrumental has a more video gamey-feel to it.

Overall, this is better than Drunk Spun Funk. The production is banging, it’s well written, the anger is truly there & the scratch hooks are phenomenal. My only complaint however is that I feel like most of the tracks are too short but other than that, give this a listen.

Score: 8/10

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