SLIM ROGERS (Albany, NY) – “Triangles x Pyramids” Mixtape Review ///


Mixtape Review:

SLIM ROGERS brings us some diversity of styles and production on his Mixtape “Triangles x Pyramids”.  With a mixture of raw underground songs, to club bangers that wouldn’t sound bad on any high rated radio station.  Songs to highlight: 3RD EYE OPEN, EDWARD SNOWDEN, & GODLY, the bonus track!  –

About Slim:

Amin Williams, better known as ‘Slim Rogers’, is an up and coming rapper born on March 23, 1995. Amin was born in Troy, New York but moved to Albany, New York 6 months later and was raised there for the rest of his life.

Growing up, Amin was influenced a lot by music. His father was a former MC and hip-hop was an important part of his culture. Later on in his teens, he would start writing rhymes, inspired by rappers such as Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Biggie Smalls. Amin would undertake the stage name Slim Rogers in the year 2009, where it was then that he decided to finally make his dreams a reality and become a full fledged artist.

Today, Slim Rogers or Amin Williams, is currently making a name for himself. He has co founded music group Money Mxbbin Records which consists of FREE$PLIZY, a$ton martin, Wiz Mack and Khardigan Jenkinz. He recently released a free digital album entitled “Triangles x Pyramids” and is also working on a group album entitled “MXBB SEASON”. With Slim’s unique wordplay and catchy music, it isn’t long until he and the rest of the Mxbb achieve the stardom that they deserve.

Twitter: @slimrogersMM , @slimxrogers

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