The Hoodies’ Full-Length Debut “Hidden Gems” Prod. by Kid Capri is the Best They’ve Sounded (Album Review)

Brand new full-length debut LP from Ellenville, New York duo The Hoodies. Consisting of siblings E-Class & Young Poppa, these guys have been taking over the local underground scene for the past 6 years off the strength of their debut mixtape Blood Thicker as well as a couple EPs both Where Should We Land & more recently What Pressure Makes this past spring. However, they’re enlisting pioneering DJ/producer/emcee Kid Capri to unearth some Hidden Gems

“We Don’t Play Around” is an atmospheric opener to the album by letting it be known that neither of these guys be fuckin’ around getting back in the zone whereas “Monster” works in a rugged boom bap instrumental getting on their demon time. “My Brother” takes a more orchestral route talking about their actual brotherhood, but then “I’m Hot” has a bit of a funky groove to it with these kicks & snares flexing their rapping prowesses. 

Meanwhile, “Wish List” featuring Fooks has a mellower approaching bringing some hi-hats into the fold encouraging y’all to take a ride with them just before the vibrant “Big Stepper” talks about their big dog statuses. “Top of N.Y.” draws inspiration from the Brooklyn drill scene a bit saying there ain’t no reason to talk leading into “War” returning to the boom bap advising they don’t want beef. 

“In My Bag” keeps it rugged g tying in their element a big while “Ride with You” is a smooth ballad getting on the more melodic, sensual side of things. “Let Me Show You” featuring Henny da Don on the hook smoothly talks about coming up from the hood with each other & “Who Am I?” is a soulful closer to the LP moving properly as opposed to moving with the ops or the feds. 

These guys have been renowned for their commentary on social justice hence their, but Hidden Gems is bound to turn more heads onto them because this is the finest body of work that they’ve given us to date. Kid Capri’s production is mostly grounded in the traditional boom bap sound with a healthy dosage of pop rap & Brooklyn drill undertones as E-Class & Young Poppa deliver the strongest performances of their career.

Score: 8/10

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