Will-Powerz (S.London, UK) – “Volition” MIXTAPE

Will-Powerz is taking the UK Hip-Hop scene by storm with his debut mixtape ‘Volition’. Drawing on the talents of a wealth of conscious rappers, singers and producers from across the UK and USA, Will-Powerz flexes his muscles as producer and recording artist in a self-produced, self-released labour of love…and he’s giving it away for free! All you need to do is go here, click ‘Buy Now’ and enter £0 for 15 tracks of soulful Hip-Hop with the Will-Powerz style that you’ll be glad you took the time to explore. Why wait? Get your hands on this music while it’s free, and be a part of the Will-Powerz movement!

“About time for a Quality Indie UK Hip Hop Producer/MC that can spread his music around in the U.S for 2014.” – UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com

The genesis of the stage name Will-Powerz evokes the belief and determination of an artist whose love for his work ensures its continuity. I am Will, I am a producer, instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and rapper. I am a classically trained pianist, played trumpet with an orchestra, played bass for rock and jazz, now I am a soloist grounded in a love of the universality of music, specializing in making beats for any truly creative artist.

I can provide rappers with fresh, original, unique beats for their mixtapes. I can write hooks or entire songs for talented singers looking for high quality material to perform. I can support upcoming producers seeking advice on their new beat. Music is a crutch for the suffering, an outlet for the trapped, a tool for the oppressed. It is medicine for the sick, direction for the lost and a beacon of unity and harmony for mankind to share and love.

Will-Powerz recognizes the importance of music and will create it for: singers; rappers; films; games; advertisers…unconstrained versatility, unlimited possibilities, Will-Powerz is the answer.






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