American-Born, Japan-Based Rapper Thatboi Dot Gives Backstabbers A Warning In New Video “Beautiful Demise”

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 2014 – Midwest rap artist Thatboi Dot is making quite a name for himself throughout Japan with the release of his latest video,  HYPERLINK “”“Beautiful Demise”. Residing in Okinawa since 2013, Dot has been developing a growing fan base and plans to capture new listeners with his no-holds barred warning to fake friends, snakes, and backstabbers.  With a story that many can relate to, Dot gives the camera just enough attitude to let viewers know that he means business.

“Check my second verse”, Dot suggests. “Getting locked in a box with bees would suck. However, it would be more acceptable to me than getting betrayed by your people. I truly mean that, and that is why I wrote it.”  Produced by beat maker Kris Ka$h, the visuals for Beautiful Demise were filmed by B. “Streets” Riley from Avenue Productions.  Shot in Okinawa, 950 miles from Tokyo, and in the streets of Naha, some of the scenes were actually filmed on Dot’s balcony.  “The visuals were made to match the way I spit my lyrics.  I have a pissed off look on my face and it’s for a reason.  It’s because I want to be done right by my fam”, says Dot.

In the past few weeks, Dot has rocked the stage at various popular clubs, opened up for Trinidad James and Roscoe Dash, and introduced Beautiful Demise to welcoming Japanese audiences.  With the song wholeheartedly embraced for its universal theme, Dot is confident that the new visuals will add another dimension to the crowd favorite, in Japan and across the world.  The rappers say, “I represent the middle and lower class people in America and the world as well as the people who have been forgotten and counted out.  I come from the Midwest but I feel that the struggle knows no bounds.  My goal is to inspire these people in any way that I can.”

Check out the new video for “ Demise and look out for the forthcoming EP, “Workin’ Real Hard”, available for purchase on iTunes January 2015.  Connect with Thatboi Dot on Twitter

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