The Tax Collector Featuring Rap Legend Conejo Is Officially The Number One Street Movie In America

If heads haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for? The Tax Collector directed by David Ayer starring Bobby Soto, Cinthya Carmona, George Lopez, Shia LaBeouf, and legendary rapper Conejo dropped this Summer and since then it’s got praise by the L.A. Times’ interesting piece on it, “How ‘The Tax Collector’ topped the box office, when there’s no official box office“.  Released at a perfect time during the pandemic, it was a breath of fresh air when theaters were closed all across the country, and drive-ins were the place to go. 4 months later we still can’t stop talking about this movie since it’s release on DVD and in our eyes it’s officially the #1 street movie in America for 2020. It will go down as a cult classic.

In its debut weekend, The Tax Collector was the most rented film on FandangoNow, Apple TV, the iTunes Store, and Google Play, was the fifth-most rented film on Amazon Prime, and made an estimated $1–2 million from VOD sales. It also made $309,694 from 129 theaters, becoming the third film to ever top both VOD charts and the box office in the same weekend. The following weekend the film made $203,722 from 138 theaters (for a 10-day gross of $634,145), and remained first on rental charts, with a running digital sales total of about $5 million. The film made $121,800 from 121 theaters in its third weekend. It remained in the top five across all platforms in the following weeks, including number one on Spectrum.

Highlighting the fact that rap legend Conejo plays a lead roll in the movie, be on the lookout for his new Agenda 32 project dropping soon, a follow up to his Malefico EP and full-length West Adams album.

Jose “Conejo” Martin as Conejo in The Tax Collector
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