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-For those Hip Hop heads who don’t know about your extensive catalog, give us a brief intro about yourself and some of the many classic projects and MCs you have been involved with?

I go by the title Equipto. I come from a Frisco underground hip hop group called Bored Stiff. Early 90’s era. I did my solo thing & have done colab projects with Andre Nickatina, Michael Marshall, Opio, Berner & a few others here & there. 

-We recently received news about how you are still pushing new music alongside your record label Solidarity Records.  Feel free to drop some names, and dates of the new projects in the works, and the artists involved in the label as well.

I know it might sound unorganized but there are no “solid” release dates as of yet. But the artist we have projects in the works with are Z-man (gurp city), Knobody, Opio (Hiero), Moka Only, Otayo Dub & I have a project ready to go. & another one with Opio. We have a instrumental album dropping that I’m excited about too. Also “Solid City” which is a group of 2 rappers (Rome & Robba) out of SF.

White Mic, AgentStrik9, Mike Marshall, ShagNasty & Lroneous are artist & friends affiliated with Solidarity Records. 

-Let’s talk about the “Red X Tapes” projects you’ve been working on with Opio of Hieroglyphics.  We’re sure you’ve known Opio for quiet some time now, how did the concept of the projects go about?

Yea. That dude Opio is one of the realest people’s I’ve met. We been coo for over 20 years now. I came with the idea of us doing a colab project a few years ago & he was down. Ope is one of the dopest lyricist & coolest dudes I know. It’s effortless for us to vibe at the lab. 

-Gearing up for your Euro Trip with Opio, please tell the fans which areas, and cities you guys are hitting?  Which city you look forward to visiting?

To be honest I’m not sure about what exact areas we will be at. Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland I believe. I want to go back to Amsterdam & Denmark. My favorite countries out there. 

-Known as a Bay Area rapper with a distinctive lyrical style, you’ve gained thousands of die hard fans with your Hip Hop, you’ve also influenced many up-coming rappers world wide.  As a indie artist who has seen success in the pre-internet, and post-internet era without much radio play, what’s your advice to those trying to hit the game hard independently?

Advice? I would just say personal face to face promotion is best. If u want to hit the game “hard”.. But I would say just focus on the music really. 

-We were introduced to you back when the legendary “Horns and Halos” projects dropped with Andre Nickatina, still resonating with thousands of Hip Hop fans world wide.  You recently dropped a new single “Fail to Win” which really caught our attention.  What influenced you in making this new single?

I like to make songs of reflection. Things I been thru. Redemption. Find the joy out the pain. Those kind of themes are the things that I feel brings the best out of people. 

Fail to win is my way of saying “sometimes you personally have to lose something, in order for your whole team to win”… If that makes sense.

-Besides your busy schedule in the next couple months, what else should fans be aware of for the rest of the year and beyond?

Basically putting these projects together with my partners. Organizing our label. Traveling & building these pockets of supporters. Keep making & being a part of dope music. 

-Please drop some links, and where can fans find your new and previous material of releases.
Our bandcamp or soundcloud pages are the best places to find all our material.


-Coming from a underground great himself, what is Equipto’s definition of Underground Hip Hop?

Underground hip hop to me is doing music for the love & having fun. That’s it. 

-Any shout outs?

Shout out to my family, friends & fans. Love & respect. 

Solidarity Records
Solidarity Records
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