Pretty Nikki (Oakland, CA) – Q&A Interview

Pretty Nikki - Photo by Erk Tha Jerk - Traxamillion "Real One" video shoot.
Pretty Nikki – Photo by Erk Tha Jerk – Traxamillion “Real One” video shoot.

-Tell us a little about yourself. Where you are from? How long have you been making Hip Hop music?

I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland Representative. I started out writing poetry, I wrote my first rap at 14. I got carried away and convinced my folks with a dream of becoming a Rapper. So, they believed me, discharged me from the public school system and transferred me into E.C Reems Academy of Art & Technology. There, I became a playwright. Writing plays through the school for the church on top of ghostwriting plays for my class. The extracurricular activities didn’t end there, in fact, they picked up. By sixteen, I knew I had what it takes to become an Artist. So I got a job and a side hustle to contribute to studio time. I released an untitled, five-song song mixtape and an EP produced by Cheen shortly after. Obtaining skills to Market myself during Live performances and professionally present during interviews. By the time I hit nineteen I successfully dropped my first indie mixtape and the second at twenty both hosted by well known DJ Cannon Banyon (Sumter, South Carolina). I’m 24 now and the gift ain’t went away.

-What influences you in making Hip Hop music?

What influences me in making Hip-Hop music above all, has to be, being a woman. I like challenges and being a female rapper in a male dominated industry is surely a challenge. You have to have wit. You have to bring more to the table, you have to demonstrate hard work ethic, consistently.

-Describe your music, and what separates you from other MCs or artists?

What separates me from other artist is my dynamic personality, I’m like a chameleon blending in any workplace I choose. I can adjust and learn faster than most people. As far as the sound of my music, I like to say its fresh. No sound or flow like it. “Sea Gem Flows Like Water” my slogan that represents me as an artist.

-Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collab with in the near future?

I’ve collaborated with few locals from my city but, no one too big! I would like to collab with whoever wants to collab with me. I’m open to experiment and brainstorm. I’m full of ideas and new trends.

-Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Up and coming Hip-Hop Artist with a foundation to move forward.

-Production wise, who are your influences? Who does your production,  and who would you like to work with?

Traxamillion (San Jose, CA) probably my biggest influence because he’s from the Bay and has put a lot of local artist in the game with his work. He is also very dynamic and talented in any area he touches. For now, I’m working on productions by Donye (Memphis, TN) he’s dope. Again, I’d like to work with anyone who’d like to work with me.

-Any current or future projects you are promoting?

Just the “Pretty” video/record for now. I want that heard. Womanhood EP is still underway.

-Where can we find your music and info?

Website, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter @PRETTYNIKKIWEST

-Any shout outs?

Yup, first I want to shoutout the man above because he’s answered my every prayer since day one. Shoutout to all my supporters, consistently supporting female rap and every blog site who has ever put my music on. Also, shoutout to my close friends and family for sharing and reposting my music, it’s all love. shoutout to my wrist, my work ethic, and determination.

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