Q&A With Fresno, CA Based Hip Hop Artist everywhere

everywhere, first off we want to congratulate you with the release of your new project “YOUNIVERSE”! Before we get into the album, where are you from and how long have you been making music?

The EveryWhere Is From Fresno California! It’s Right In The Center Of The State Between The Bay Area And Los Angeles. I’ve Been Recording Music Consistently For About 4 Years Now Dropping Albums,Videos,Features .

How is the Hip Hop scene in your area?

The HipHop Scene In Fresno Has A Lot Of Talent! It’s Really Grown A Lot Over The Past Five Years And We Have Opportunities Picking Up In Town. Art Hop Is A Fresno Platform Where Artist Can Network, Perform In Downtown Fresno. There’s Spots Like Mas Fresno , Thrift Demon , Uforia Shop Who Work With Hip Hop Artist And Hell Them With Showcase !

everywhere is a unique name, how did that name come about?

My Name “EveryWhere” Stems From Me Wanting My Art Being Recognized In ALL PLACES & ALL DIRECTIONS! As Well As Before Music I Was Traveling Across The Country Going Interstate Constantly And Friends Calling Me “EveryWhere” !

Getting back to your new project, how long was the creative process and if you can sum it up in a few words, what is the main message to the project?

YOUNIVERSE, YOU Are In Control Of Your youNIVERSE !
The Album Was Entirely Produced By A Fresno Producer Named “Connor Jackson” He Sent The Beats And I Wrote All Lyrics Within A Couple Days Than We Recorded It All Within A Week.

Production wise, who made the beats and how did you connect with the producer(s)?

Connor Jackson , We Met Through A Local Artist I Featured With Named “Michael Blueyez” And I Asked Him For Some Beats And He Sent Me A Pack.

How are your fans and supporters reacting to the album? Any feedback worth mentioning that touched you?

The Album Gained Lots Of Love All Around The World And Really Was A Huge Stepping Stone For Me . The More Personal Tracks Like “I LOVE YOU” & “CRY SIS” Had Some Of My Supporters Emotionally In Tune And Told Me Those Records “Touched There Soul” So It Was Inspiring That My Music Did That .

We covered the video, “Catalog”, off the project? Looked like a fun and creative video. Talk about how that video came about and how you first linked with Dominous Dizzy?

Super Fun ! It Was A Blast, We Went For A “Soliciting” Approach On The Video. We Dressed Up As Salesman And Tried Pitching Our CATALOG! Me And Dominus Dizzy Lined On My Collaborative Album “So Here We Ar3” And Ever Since He’s Been A Great Friend And One Of My Favorite Artists !

As an underground / indie artist yourself, what’s your definition of underground hip hop?

Underground HipHop , Is Artists That Are Constantly Dropping Music And Creating But Don’t Have Mass Followings Or On The Radio/TV
HipHop Has A Wide Range Of Styles (BoomBap,Trap,Gfunk,) So It’s Hard Summoning It Up !

Any future work worth mentioning and where can people find more of your catalog?

Yes New Albums Coming Before End Of This Year!
New Music Videos Coming! New Features Coming! New Shows! You Can Keep Track With All My Moves On Instagram! And My Music Is Available EveryWhere! (Apple Music,spotify,iTunes,YouTube,SoundCloud)

Lastly, any shout outs?

Yes! Shoutout UGHHBLOG For All The Support! My Brother EyeHaveTheVision
Producers 88Drums & Connor Jackson
Engineers Down2TheChromosome


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