Sacredd Releases Debut EP ‘Sanctified’

Sacredd is a self-produced female hip-hop artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Embodying an alternative approach to both her craft and overall presence, Sacredd delivers catchy punch lines, bouncy flows and hard hitting production.

Sacredd kicked off the first half of this year with the release of her single “Blue Gem$” on all digital platforms. Blue Gem$ highlighted the artist’s ability to execute an array of smooth deliveries, and as a result landed itself on numerous Spotify curated playlists such as The Drip, Fresh Finds AU/NZ and A1 HipHop. As well as gaining attention from Triple J’s Declan Byrne and the EDGE 96.1’s DJ Nino Brown.

Towards the end of February Sacredd returned with her single ‘Freak($)’, a much darker UK Drill inspired track which also gained notable placements on Spotify playlists Local Hype and Beats n’ Bars. Sacredd’s third release for the year titled ‘Pep$i’, was released April 14th gaining itself a spot on both Triple J’s Home & Hosed and continuous daily rotation on Triple J Unearthed radio.

To top off the official halfway mark of the year, Sacredd’s most recent single PPP continued the momentum on July 14th with Spotify playlist placements on both The Drip & Local Hype, shortly followed by PPP finding itself in rotation on both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed

Sanctified is small extended play of music containing three pre released singles from 2022, and three unreleased tracks. The three pre-released singles (Blue Gem$, Pep$i, PPP) bring upbeat and motivated energy, while the unreleased tracks (Yankees, Committed, Secrets) bring more raw lyricism with UK Drill inspired deliveries, with a touch of vulnerability within the final track ‘Secrets’. Sanctified captures the self-assured, can do attitude and resilience that Sacredd has to offer.

We had a chance to have a chat with Sacredd and learn more about Sanctified.

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP ‘Sanctified’ What does this EP mean to
your personally?

This EP to me personally, summarizes the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I have moved
through this year with. I chose the name “Sanctified” (in relation to Sacred) as I felt the EP is all
things me right now.

What first got you into rap / hip-hop?
I had several close friends as a teenager that were heavy into hip-hop and my love just grew
from there

What’s your endgame goal for your music career?
I’m not sure I have an end game goal, but I have so many things I want to achieve and
experience in my career along the way. I think my overall goal would be to continue to expand.

How do you put your words to paper, what’s your creative process like?
Honestly there is no exact process for me when writing! Once I find a beat I like, it usually just
flows from there, and if it doesn’t, I try my best not to force anything.

When driving, do you have a certain track that’s blasting with the windows down?
This is something that changes day to day for me, for sure

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I feel like a European festival would be insane, particularly in the UK right now because of the
drill scene.

How do you see your sound evolving in the future?
All I can hope for is to keep leveling up and evolve into a refined version of what I am putting out
into world right now.

How do you want to make a difference in the world and music industry?

I hope my music can inspire and help grow inspiration, motivation and acceptance in both the
music industry and a wide variety of people

What’s one piece of advice you can give to new artists that look up to you?
Always look for ways to improve yourself professionally, and just don’t stop making music.

Thanks for your time and chatting with us today, is there a message you’d like to share with
your fans?

Just a usual massive thank you to all the legends who are riding with me a long this journey, it
means more to me than you know!

Add ‘Sanctified‘ to your playlists on Spotify and Apple Music!

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