206collab – “Watch Kulagina” (Album Review)

Established history, rising Sydney, Australia-based Hip-Hop group 206collab continue to thrive after a successful release in their debut with an anticipated follow-up. Known for their feel-good vibe from the down under, the fearsome foursome delivers a sample of the future with their second effort, entitled, Watch Kulagina. Letting the underground know that the Down Under got something say too.

Watch Kulagina is a 14-track full-length sophomore effort energizing jam-sessions style of lyricism and production from the up-and-coming Hip-Hop band. The demonstrates a significant progression from WYWYF, doubling down on their stylish brand of Hip-Hop, with increased mic mastery and a thematic coherence through Kulagina.

Stream 206collab’s New Album, Watch Kulagina below.

Driven by a endless psychedelic vibe, the album’s organic jam-session production is the body of work’s crowning achievement. 14-track chamaeleon production is a phenomenal development with its live concept. Like a single living organism, the album comes alive, grows, evolves, and patent an original groove. A change of pace, the album’s production delivers a vibe that fans will get lost in happily upon first listen.

Lyrically orchestrated to flow like a well-scripted classic late-night variety show. The group’s chemistry is extraordinarily assembled as each play off one another like a world champion triangle offense. Touching on every element, never overindulging, never over saturating, and never losing a step. The group impresses with its well-oiled machine assembly line creation of great music on every track. Mostly comical, 206collab’s lyricism is formidable as they practice an ancient form of Hip-Hop that was heavily glorified in the Boom Bap era.

Timeless, comical, sequenced, uninterruptedly flows, Watch Kulagina is simply amazing. The band’s chemistry is perfectly blended as they take us on a journey with the angelic vocals, followed by the slick poetic wordplay, laced with comical impromptus here and there to keep you chuckling, and hypnotizing your ears to pay close attention for what’s next. Not many albums can create perfect visualization through words like this but 206 does it effortlessly. Overall, creative dialogue, old-school Hip-Hop homage, and its own identity, the album has a natural essence that can’t be duplicated and that is what makes an album a classic.

Rating: 10/10

Highlights: Chemistry

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