Album Review: "Golden Langur: Get Krushed" by GROZWEL (UK) ///

Alternative, Experimental, Pure 90’s boom bap sound Hip Hop is our description of GROZWEL’s new release “Golden Langur: Get Krushed”.  When Hip Hop heads mention “INTEGRITY” in Hip Hop currently, GROZWEL’s name should come up, and if it doesn’t, listen to his album.  You will find out why UK Hip Hop seems to always keep the unique culture of Hip Hop alive.  We recently featured “How To Act” off the album which in one of our personal favorites.  CHECK THE FLOW, and SHAMANIC TRIAD are dope tracks as well.


Lyrics from Grozwel, Cuts from DJ Kit. Beats by DJ KRUSH.


Location: Northwest, England  (Stockport is hometown)
Representing: Hiphop, Rap, All Music, World Wide Grinders, Lawful Rebellion
Zealous for: Knowledge and humour in Hiphop; Freestyles; Purposeful structure; Considered rhyme schemes
Why do you rap? A shot at immortality – after I die, people will still be able to hear my voice – everything else is just benefits of the game

His influences are too many to mention, but some strong examples of where he attained parts of his rap philosophy are GodFather Don, El-P, Mc Serch, Organized Konfusion, and Jedi Mind Tricks.

Golden Langur: Get Krushed is essentially a mastered mixtape with beats from DJ Krush.  The rhymes are dusty, some dating back to 2006, hence the wordplay on golden langur (monkey).  With alot of old rhymes under his belt, he decided to mix them down with some beats with 13 tracks for the tape and dwindled it down to the 6 which kept the ‘zone’ GROZWEL was looking for.

Currently an independent artist with no label, or contracts.  GROZ would like to give big ups to the fam who have rolled with him so far – Silence, Flying Eric, Omni, DJ Kit, Smile, Derk, B-52, Scott, EJ, Kryciss, DGPS, and of course Mother Earth.

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