Album Review: Rapper kC – “Vibes Of Life”


This Album is truly a needle in the haystack.  Rapper kC has been able to set the bar a lot higher for all the indie Hip Hop heads out there who are really trying to make an impact with their music.  With a great combination of Raw Hip Hop and Singing, Rapper kC truly has creating a sound and style that he can call his own.  The production on this album is fundamentally  sound, every beat has its own personality bringing out the best out of Rapper kC.  Musically he really stands out, compared to the usual “Beats & Rhymes” which get really boring obviously he knows what it takes to take his music to the next level.

With songs like “Vibes Of Live”, “Oh Myself”, “Time Fly”, “What You Make Of It” & “Hug Money” all fans are allowed to truly embrace his music and continue to follow his career in this aggressive indie Hip Hop world.  We can admit this Album will be timeless, a true classic record in our books……………….@UGHHBLOG

Album is here: Rapper kC – Vibes Of Life (Spotify)



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