B-Guy Griffin – “Wonderful” (Album Review)

Hip-Hop from Idaho? Who would have thought? Even better question, who would have even thought there was emerging Hip-Hop coming out of Idaho like Meridian, Idaho own B-Guy Griffin.

Brief on B-Guy and 17-track album. B-Guy Griffin is the son of the Father-Son Rap duo Griffin House Music. Twigg is his father and the executive producer of the album. This is B-Guy’s second official solo album and has a very upbeat and positive feel to it with a lot of witty lyricism. The message is good and the mxing is well done. It features big time artist Mod Sun and the album is meant to make the listener enjoy living.

Listen to B-Guy Griffin’s new album, ‘Wonderful’ below.

The album’s production is rejoicing to best describe. Awkward high-energy and positive vibes, ‘Wonderful’ delivers a mood that we can get lost in over, and over, and over again. Unique blend of underground production that hasn’t been seen since the early days of Odd Future, B-Guy Griffin infuses experimental sounds with a basic underground structure and creates his own proprietary sound. While it appears out of bounds, the production is reassuringly brilliant creatively.

While relying heavily on the project’s aura, B-Guy’s lyrical mechanics are eventually fizzled, thoughtless, and checkers. Simply unimportant, ‘Wonderful’ script is suffice. Unenthused, broken, often weak, these are similar traits to many of today’s trendsetting hits in Hip Hop, relying more on the energy than the message. The feeling and vibe takes present over the substance. Using parlor tricks on the lyrics, B-Guy Griffin stick to basic format and that is the only downfall but has a potential snowball effect.

Twiggs, B-Guy and the gang curate a buzzyworthy body of work in the latest effort. Focusing on the project being a vibe that touches on various issues and relates to various groups of audience collectively. Creating an experience rather than 17 tracks, the flow on the album is organic, electric, and systematically precise. Valuable is the best term to describe the project. It’s the foundation that leads to an amazing fruition by a new age recording artist with this being the perfect introduction.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Energy

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