G-Mo Skee – “Chaly & the Filth Factory” (Album Review)

After dropping the raw albeit very creative 8 Bit Filth EP a little over 4 months ago, Richmond MC & Inf Gang member G-Mo Skee is back with his highly anticipated sophomore album. Following up the highly slept-on My Filthy Spirit Bomb that he dropped on us at the very end of 2016.

After the “Moldy Ticket” intro, the first song “Ocarina of Crime” sees G spitting some gritty battle bars over an eerie instrumental from Strange Music in-house producer Seven (who produced a bulk of the album). I also love the g-funk synthesizers that pop up during the hook. The next track “Filth Factory” takes the listener inside of his head over a punchy instrumental with some keyboards while the song “Filthy Wonka” has a flute-tinged boom bap beat as well as hilarious bars like a wack rapper’s album going triple styrofoam & getting jumped if you’re hating on him front row at his concerts. Coincidentally, G was on tour with the CES Cru earlier this year & there was an incident where a hater made it past the security gate in front of the stage & G literally kicked him in the face.

The track “Ninja Money” is about his filthy style as well as how the game is fucked up now because they paid him over a murky beat while the song “Mad Hatter” is a jab at all of those biting him over an instrumental with a more vintage West Coast feel to it. The track “Ghost Town” sees him cursing out those who doubted him & did him wrong throughout his career over a somber beat while the song “Front Seat” gets murderous over an eerie instrumental. After the hilarious Oompa Loompa song parody during the “Midget Army” skit, we go into the track “Laughin’ At You”. Here, G-Mo hooks up with the album’s mixer The Jokerr alongside the legendary Vinnie Paz to tell you that they don’t take you seriously over a killer rap rock beat.

The song “Grouch” talks about how he woke up mad over some bass & a Latin guitar while the track “Bring It On” is a posse cut with the Inf Gang that’s iust overall nasty & in-your-face. The song “Wavedash” with Kevin MacLane sees the 2 talking about enjoying the better days over a smooth instrumental while the track “Don’t Wait” compellingly advises the listener not to let their dreams go to waste over a booming instrumental with some gloomy keys with some synthesizers added during the hook. The song “I’m Underground” tells you how filthy he is over a sinister piano-boom bap beat from C-Lance & before things finish with a 40 second outro, the final song “Filthy Imagination” is about how insane he is with a hilarious hook parodying the “Pure Imagination” song.

I’ve been very open about Majik Ninja Entertainment being one of the hottest labels out right now & not only is this one of my favorite albums from them, but I’ll even say it’s WAY better than Violent J’s Wizard of the Hood EP from 2003. G-Mo Skee truly crafts his magnum opus with a humorous concept parodying the classic 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory with selected fans portraying the 5 ticket winners & refining the hard-hitting production & sharp lyricism that were present on his last album.

Score: 9.5/10

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