Gibrilville – “Black Cadillac Season 3” (Album Review)

With most of these new rappers are dropping singles, short EP’s, and mixtapes, and the craft of actually dropping a full length album is becoming pre-historic in this age of fast fame.  Today, we are giving “Black Cadillac Season 3” a listen, an actual 14-track full length project by Brooklyn rapper Gibrilville.

With it’s intro tribute to 2Pac, to the follow up hard hitting story track “Love & Hip Hop”, I love to gritty boom bap feel to the song.  Tracks that definitly fit our lane are “So Painful”, “Siren”, “Hahahaha”, and “Buy my mama a crib”.  The “Rolling” acapella is a deep song you might want to put on repeat too if you like creative vocals with a Rastafarian style.

With a varatiy or producers involved in this project like Gibrilville hiself, Dj pain, Qc funk, Farouk Abdala, & Nii bonney Mankatah, there is music for all kinds of music heads in this project.  It’s good too see Brooklyn always on the map with fresh new artists we discover who actually focus on quality music instead of quantity music that sounds like everything else.

“Black Cadillac Season 3” all around is a great project with a cinematic mixture of  jazz, rock, and raw Hip Hop we recommend all music heads should stream.  We give it a rating score of 8/10.  Keep on the lookout for new music by following him on all his socials.

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