Jay Stubbs – “Who Is Jay Stubbs” (Album Review)

For the past several years now, Corona, California recording artist Jay Stubbs has been developing a fan base for himself through his catalog of mixtapes. Constantly receiving rave reviews for his remarkable wordsmith, Jay Stubbs is back with his latest project, entitled, “Who is Jay Stubbs”.

17-track debut album, Jay Stubbs’ new project is refresher course or an introduction to his fresh-air style. Identified as a true must-listen body of work, Jay Stubbs is has been labeled in the past as a much-needed breath of fresh air for the West Coast Hip-Hop sound. Among the debut’s 17 is breakout cuts, “My Type of Party” and “Pose”.

Listen to Jay Stubbs new album, ‘Who is Jay Stubbs’ below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

The production on the debut is mostly an easy-listen. Tailored around Jay’s playboy persona, a bachelor is the best definition for the introduction. Stubbs sticks to the radio-friendly beat selection for a first impression, nothing too hardcore that will take him out of his accustom character.

Lyrically, Stubbs caters to the lover in you. Relying heavily on his charm and flirtatious play on words throughout the project. Coded with suggestive metaphors, subliminal(s), and poetic chemistry majority of the debut, Stubb fulfills a satisfying moniker of playboy. Sticking to a format, Stubbs is brilliant, genuine, and overall convincing. Jay Stubbs is smart with the route he is taking and crafts a style that creates a long-lasting career.

Overall, Jay Stubbs introduction is one directional from beginning to end. A project for the ladies with song titles like “The Afterparty”, “Trust Worthy”, and “Show You How to Keep a Man”. A smooth listen that can be shared among couples looking for the romantic vibe. Jay Stubbs’ first impression is a solid body of work that will catapult Jay Stubb to breakout status as the next buzzworthy artist to rise out of the West Coast. The album supports heavy replay value due in part to the tone, affection, and passion emboiled within the debut.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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