Lincoln Roy – “Concrete Jungle, Vol. 2” (Album Review)

Rising Los Angeles, CA based underground Hip Hop artist Hip Hop artist Lincoln Roy drops his new album titled  “Concrete Jungle, Vol. 2”. This album emits a very concentrated thought provoking Hip-hop, R&B, & Reggae ambiance throughout the whole album. From the beginning of the album I was able to focus in on the inner images Lincoln Roy conveyed through his lyricism and emotion. The artists that are able to leave it all on the table build deep relationships with their fans as they usually identify and or relate to the composition. Los Angeles, CA has bred the most beautiful artists and instruments in the annals of time, the rich history continues with new artists breaking waves in the new age of information and Lincoln Roy wants to be that next wave.

One of his first songs “T.O.P” featuring Jolene contains not only wordplay but insight & wisdom along with a very talented female vocalist. This song expresses Lincoln Roy’s inner most angels & demons, showing him his true purpose in life through melodies and music.

The song that stood out to me the most was his album title track “Concrete Jungle Pt.2” where Lincoln Roy explains his vanity and perception of his Hip Hop career. The song explains the battle within and the listener takes a first-hand experience of his life as if they were sitting next to him. The hook puts it all together with a more so emotional approach, talking to  the listener about his 100% confidence.

I have to admit that Lincoln Roy really has a lot of work ahead of him, he need to work on mastering his craft/sound/cadence as he gets more seasoned in this highly aggressive independent music business!  Every artists has to start somewhere, so much respect goes out to Lincoln for pushing threw and not allowing any distractions get in is way!  I and positive this isn’t the last we will hear about Lincoln Roy!

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Rating: 7/10
Highlights: Lyrics & Song Structure

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