Lord Mobb – Lord Mobb Compilation, Vol. 1 (Review)

After going a full year dropping 12 projects in 12 months and re-branding Loyalty or Death into the Lord Mobb collective, Flee Lord releases the much anticipated “Lord Mobb Compilation, Vol. 1” album. Bringing together some of the rawest MCs from all over the map for a soulful yet spooky, grimy yet enlightening 20 track bar-fest. Flee is no stranger to orchestrating high-quality compilation projects, one might remember his “Loyalty or Death Presents: RNOE” project from a few years back. Well, this is RNOE on steroids. Flee has caught his drift and identity as an artist now, and after building a dedicated fanbase, he has taken it upon himself to help develop a team of hungry MCs and producers. He does not disappoint. With a top-notch production team composed of Mephux, Ghostdave and 4ord, as well as help from established longtime collaborators like GodBLESSbeatz and V Don, Lord Lord brought the best out of some of the illest spitters in the underground. This project boasts heavy hitting appearances from Lord Mobb members Zaza God, Young Act, Mumbles, Shady Ray, G4 Jag, Eto, Phonk P, T.F, Aaqil Ali and BVNGS. Not to mention top quality features from affiliates like Chicago’s Vic Spencer, Reef Hustle, Willie The Kid and Jai Black. If that isn’t enough to solidify this project as a game-changer, the media legend Peter Rosenberg gives his seal of approval by serving as host. Pull down your ski mask, roll up some gas and take a ride through the gutter with the Mobb.

After a proper introduction by Pete Rosenberg, we get right into shit with a classic slime-filled banger produced by GodBLESS with “Phonk Mobbin‘” laced with verses by Phonk P and Eto. Phonk P impresses throughout this project with top quality bar-work, as he displays here, and Eto never disappoints. “Back to the Block” is a dark reminder that if shit gets bad, Young Act and Mumbles can always fall back to that street work. Ghostdave provides a slow, spooky instrumental on this joint. Zaza God gets his own track on “Only Right,” which was the lead single for the project, spitting over another impressive (as usual) Mephux beat. This is one of the standout tracks on the album for me.

Flee Lord makes his first appearance on “Snake Strip,” rapping after BVNGS lays down an ill verse. If there’s anything you can take from this project so far, it’s that the Mobb ain’t fucking around trying to make radio-friendly music. This is for the streets and the underground heads looking for bangers to ride to. “James Bond Sturdy” we get a piano laced beat with Zaza God, Eto and Shoota93 reminding us the of the consequences of getting caught slipping out here. As Rosenberg says at the beginning, “Rent Past Due” with Flee, Mumbles and Young Act is yet another banger. Strings on this joint laced by Ghostdave are menacing fam. “Barfest” is a V Don produced track with Young Act, G4 Jag rapping like his life is on the line, and Mumbles while Flee provides some classic adlibs as well as introduces his shooters on the track.

On what might be my personal favorite track on the album, “New Orleans Bop,” we find New Orleans native Jameel Na’im rapping over a spaced out bouncy beat provided by 4ord. Flee comes in second just floating on this shit. “Summertime Killahs” is another slime-fest provided by GodBLESS and Phonk P. Phonk impressed the shit outta me on this tape. Word is GodBLESS and Phonk have more heaters finished for their own collab project, so consider this an appetizer for that and stay on the lookout. Next we get a championship caliber track featuring T.F and G4 Jag on “The District.” T.F describes the track best as he opens his verse with “feel like championship rings and champagne.” Next we get a more laid back posse cut on “Rose From Concrete” featuring Eto, Aaqil Ali, Phonk, Zaza and T.F.

Eto ain’t just an incredible MC, people sometimes forget dude started as a beat-maker, and we get Chicago’s finest Vic Spencer along with the late-great Fred the Godson affiliate Reef Hustle absolutely murking Eto’s production on “We Mobbin.” Flee Lord comes in reminiscing on the Coke days teaming up with the underground legend Willie the Kid and New Crack Era heavyweight Jai Black on “Overtime.” Once again, Ghostdave provides us with another menacing instrumental here. “Chinese Food and Rozay” features Zaza God and Aaqil Ali over a dark yet glamorous instrumental. Mad quotables on this joint. “Mercy Skit (Skanless Lords)” contains an ill acapella by Mercy, followed by an insane Mephux beat laced by Jags baritone vocals paired with more slick bars by T.F. “Mobb Soldiers” has Flee, Shady and Zaza spitting from the trenches. “Switching Lanes” gives us a beautifully soulful Mephux beat as we get some straight up cruising music featuring T.F and G4 Jag. “Up and Down” gives us a smooth track by Shady Ray and Aaqil Ali as we get to the end of the album with “Close Curtains” featuring Phonk P, Eto and G4 Jag.

So there you have it. “Lord Mobb Compilation, Vol. 1.” This project not only lived up to my expectations, but it greatly exceeded them. Straight slimy, hard-hitting street music with medicine mixed into the food, word to the late great Prodigy. Each member of the Mobb represented to the fullest on this project, and I highly recommend anyone reading to strap the fuck in and stream below!

I give this project a strong 8 out of 10


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Matt Ocon

Griselda by Fashion Rebels collector, underground head. Hip Hop enthusiast. Fly Family + Lord Mobb!!

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