Mixtape Review: “Real Talk” by Freddy DeMent


A true modivational Mixtape form up and coming artist Freddy DeMent out of Dayton, OH. His debut Mixtape “Real Talk” embraces all the positive elements that make a great project like lyricism, delivery, style and beats. 12 tracks of Raw Hip Hop, written from the heart, not catering to the mainstream Hip Hop scence, Freddy DeMent made sure to express himself about how he feels about this Hip Hop game. He speaks the truth on every track, coming from a MC’s perspective to concur the world.

Tracks like “Make Believe”, “So Deauxpe”, “Real Talk” & “Make It Happen” are some killer tracks that would really make a new fan from any new listener.  We approve this Mixtape for all of Hip Hop and we would appreciate everyHip Hop fan reading this to sit back, relax and listen to this quality project…………..@UGHHBLOG



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