Mixtape Review: Sur5ILL – “Work”


Finally a MC with a completely different style which is refreshing to hear.  Sur5ILL‘s Hip Hop style really stands out in this indie Hip Hop game so for his latest Mixtape release titled “Work” is a real definition of just what the title is …WORK!  He understands creating something completely different from the norm would propel his career to a whole new level and it actually worked.  We fell in love with his music the 1st min we started to listen to it.  The beats and production is really good as well.

“The Layoff” & “Job Search” are probably 2 of the Sickest tracks I have heard in a few months, His talent really showed on those tracks as he was GOIN IN!! rhyme after rhyme.  Most importantly many can relate to this Mixtape going through all the ups and down’s of the corporate workforce, which can only lead to motivation and someone to actually look up to and that would be Sur5Ill.  He is a solid MC and we are certain he is going to continue to progress in his music Hip Hop career………………….@UGHHBLOG




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Senior Publisher for @UGHHBLOG // Been an Underground Hip Hop fan all my life and I'm dedicated to keeping the culture alive on a daily basis. Working hard every day and staying positive is what LIFE is all about.
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