Ricky Bombay – “Screwed & Tattooed” (Mixtape Review)

Oceanside, California-based Hip Hop artist Ricky Bombay accrued his popularity with his previous efforts that delivered hard-hitting Hip-Hop. Continuing the same formula with a twist, Ricky drops his new hard-hitting new mixtape, titled, ‘Screwed & Tattooed‘.

The concept of Ricky Bombay’s ‘Screwed & Tattooed’ was a co-creation between Ricky and Presley Cash. The mixtape’s premises is all EDM beats with rap lyrics recorded over them. Suggested Ricky create a new lane of hiphop to separate himself from the local talent. Five years in the making, at first, Bombay didn’t like the idea. However, under further review it took 3 years to find the beats to suit the mixtape. To Hip-Hop fans these beats might have never been heard of, but to EDM fans these beats may be several years old. Nonetheless, Ricky dropped this mixtape with the full intention to attract a label A&R to risk investing.

‘Screwed & Tattooed’ embarks on a new territory of blending music from the up-and-coming artist. Mixing EDM and Hip-Hop isn’t unheard of; however, infusing EDM and Hip-Hop for an entire project is very, very, rare and risky. Risk with high reward if executed successfully due to it’s unnatural combination.

Checkout ‘Screwed & Tattooed’ below via Spotify.

Unique production, spectacular tracks like “Pockets”, “Wear the Crown”, and “Mobbin”, Ricky outperformed on his first attempts. The instrumentals are strategic, hypnotizing, and convincing. Each production blueprints a specific rhyme pattern that results in impactful tracks. Verifying that Ricky Bombay is not just a rapper, but an international recording artist. Productions discovered an unknown lyrical ability for Ricky that is both catchy and profitable.

While the project’s production is loud, it doesn’t overhype or drown out Ricky’s lyrics. Taking a big risk, Ricky backed his experimental treatment with exceedingly long experienced lyricism. Charged by the production, Ricky boasts and brag continuously throughout the project. Exhibiting his best lyrics on “Rewind Cypher”. The collective track sparked a competitive prowess in Ricky that delivered astonishing verse.

Important that ‘Screwed & Tattooed’ was built around showcasing Ricky Bombay’s evolving sound. Experimenting that paid off handsomely as Ricky charted into new landscape with his music and birthed a new perception of himself that fans will really get behind instantly upon hearing the project’s new music.

Ricky Bombay is a talented recording artist. The new project makes Ricky a more natural talent and shows natural growth creatively and chronologically. The project is Ricky’s best work to-date. A clear optic, message, and direction that takes Ricky back to the basic of what made him popular originally. Ricky’s body of work uses his music smarts impressively and makes the replay value of the project addictively lengthy.

Follow Ricky Bombay on Instagram: @inked2thacorps

Ratings: 9/10

Highlights: Production

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