CAM YOUNG (Los Angeles, CA) – Broken Glass ///

Similar to Cam’s recent release, “The Chase” (which will be the intro song of the mixtape), “Broken Glass delivers a very dark/melodic feeling to viewers; displaying a “nightmare” sequence of “The Dream” in which Cam is trapped.  During the video Cam is being haunted by a ghost-like figure (woman) which ultimately represent’s “Fame”, in which he is seeking. As it progresses, the woman will disappear throughout his conscious, and continue to do this until the video comes to an abrupt halt. The ending of the video is a cliffhanger, which will play over into the final sequence of Cam’s 3-part “Dream”.

Cam Young has recently generated a strong fan base and following and is often compared to artist such as “The Weekend” & Drake. The artist has independently reached close to 85,000 views on his most recent release “The Chase”  and hopes to follow up with increasing numbers on “Broken Glass”.  He plans to release a 3rd sequence of the 3-part video shortly after “Broken Glass”  which will tie together past releases and will complete the dream saga.


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