DEVIN CHRIS ROY (Houston, TX) – "Summer Nights" ft. CHASE THE SINGER ///

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Houston, Texas native Devin Christopher Roy has been rapping since the age of ten, but did not take his passion for music into serious consideration until ten years later. After purchasing a MacBook Pro and a decent Microphone, he began to record songs and play them for close friends. Seeing a great reaction from his friends made Devin’s passion for making music grow into something greater, Devin explains, “I felt like it was time to take my music to another level. Better quality, better lyrics, and a unique style.” Although many of the people around him supported his decision, not everyone took him seriously as an artist. Devin says, “It was hard hearing some of the people I grew up with talking negatively about my aspirations as a rap artist, but with the support of my real friends I overcame all of that. I told myself I wouldn’t quit, I wasn’t raised to be a quitter.” After overcoming a minor setback the young artist began to work on his first 15-track mixtape titled “Rush Week” named after the week when fraternities have large parties and seek for new members. “I’m in a fraternity, so the experiences I’ve had inspired the name of the tape.” “Rush Week” is designed to promote college life, fraternity life, and real life situations.

After the release of his first mixtape, Devin began to gain fans from fraternity members across the US. With hard work and dedication Devin Chris Roy continues to make great music daily and has tons of ideas for the future. He wants to inspire people with his music and also provide his listeners with music to have a good time.
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