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Slow Down is a reminder of our past and current struggles in rising to the occasion of living purposefully, trying to re-instill value and energize consciousness for all generations through hip-hop that isn’t afraid to defy genre classification.  The single features Sweet Corn & Peanut on the hook.  Sweet Corn came up for the idea on this song.  DREW IMAGINATION attempted to invigorate it with relevant and empowering lyrical content.  Sweet Corn & Peanut are my two dear friends of DREW, who are not only musical partners but life partners.

Their music is beautiful and their spirit is even more contagious.  DREW  starting playing with Sweet Corn during his early open mic days, the duo still remains as an inspirational to his indie success.  Drew Imagination, born and raised in Guam, and got his ‘artistic’ start in Hawaii.  A rebel who believes in the power of music and humanity over power and money.  We are being robbed, poisoned and lied to… Hoping his art can help validate injustices and empower the oppressed, and hoping his music inspires you to find your own truth and speak out- in whatever form or expression that may be.
Today, he is in the Bay Area to purse his passion and expand his horizon.
You can also find the single, Slow Down on Amazon & CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drewimagination2
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