IMAGINE THAT (Los Angeles, CA) – "Enforce the Law" ft. DANIEL DUPUY ///

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Positivity, Inspiration, Empowerment, & Imagination. These are the ideals of Hip Hop Lyricist Imagine That. Clever in wordplay and usage of rhythm, Imagine is quickly separating himself from other artists in the genre of Hip Hop in the L.A. area. Along with a notable live performance known to be full of energy, imagine has become one of the acts to watch. Writing for as long he can remember, Imagine has always had a love for the written word and poetic elements. Writing everything from short stories, poems, screeplays, and now to song lyrics.
His latest mixtape effort, “…Julian” was re-released on valentines day 2013 to positive feedback by all who have listened it. Other mixtapes date back to 2009, and now a debut album of original material, “Still Within Reach”, due to drop this summer. Imagine That is a contender to keep an eye on.
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