Introducing Brandon Bally – Get To Know His Song ‘Angles’

Brandon Bally is an upcoming Hip-Hop/R&B artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Brandons music is both introspective and expressive with a blend of thoughtful lyrics, versatile beats, and catchy hooks that will keep audiences coming back for years to come. Listeners will be captivated by how relatable and authentic the content of his tracks are. If you’re a fan of music and need a new artist to satisfy your quality musical cravings, look no further than Brandon Bally!

‘Angles’ is a track that tackles the harsh reality of what some are experiencing within the black community in America. The track points out the various ‘Angles’ in which we are being attacked and the numerous battles that we are faced with on a daily basis. Crafty lyricism, powerful imagery, and an incredible beat are what makes ‘Angles’ a track that will be considered a classic.

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