Mido aka Midoriginal (Long Island, NY) – “Green” ft. Akida Salim & Villain Notsha (Prod Freddy Laz)


A music artist with a vivid and lucid view on how music should be made. Starting as a poet at the age of 10, Mido decided to change his passion to music(Rap). Only being out for one year he has created some unique and interesting songs that often put listeners in a trance. Often confronting the struggles and cold truths of life through his perspective. The music is smooth and relaxing but can also turn dark and gloomy. The name Mido is an acronym that means ( Man In Darkness – O). Working with local producer “Freddy Laz” on the soon to release EP called “Spectrum”.Which is set to drop in early March. Mido work is highly anticipated in his hometown. Collaborating with up incoming artist like Villain Notsha, Akida Salim, Worldofillhabits, and Teddy Shabazz. He is definitely on the rise at the forefront of Long island talent. Recently he has been networking with producers like RenzyBeats and Quazar Makeinu for his final release tracks “Blue” & “Red”. Witch are set to release when the “Spectrum EP” drops in early March. Keep track of this artist who is based on sound cloud. Music Video Visuals are set to release summer of 2014.



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